Preview Copies...

Hi there!

In this weeks post I'm going to talk about what's been happening and what I've been up to over the past few weeks and the weeks ahead. It's a very exciting/nerve wracking time right now.

Preview Copies

Firstly, all the artwork was completed for the game and I now have proper looking, real life copies of Nothing To Declare! (HURRAH)

I had these printed by Print & Play Games they're owned by AdMagic who do the printing for Cards Against Humanity and Exploding Kittens. I went with them as I've previously used their services before when working on my Dune: The Dice Game print and play. Jeremy is very quick at responding and very helpful at pointing out my mistakes. In this instance I messed up the bleed on the faces of some of the cards, resulting in a bit of a border on some. 

Having something nicely printed really makes the game feel real and is a massive improvement on what I previously had (cards printed and cut from by little inkjet printer). 


Too Eager

Since January I've been trying to spread the word for Nothing To Declare get people interested and just be open about the process I've gone through to make this game. Back in June I reached out to a number of reviewers/bloggers in the board game world. In honesty I think I was a bit preemptive with this as I didn't really have much to show. I was in a rush to get it out there which meant showing some stuff that doesn't really represent the game in it's best light or final form (just look at the awful Essen preview picture I have on BGG). I hope this doesn't negatively impact the game but I know I need to work hard to get this stuff updated and changed.

Not good

Not good

Much better

Much better


Despite my own ineptness there have been some very kind people who have offered to preview Nothing To Declare ahead of the Kickstarter launch. This is one of the last and possibly most important pieces of the collage that is the Kickstarter page. Having some independent people take a look and give their honest opinion is scary but I made this game for people so it doesn't make much sense to keep it to myself. I've sent out 7 preview copies to various people across the globe, and now I wait.


Updated print and play

Now that the art is complete I thought it was worth updating the print and play files. These now contain the artwork from the preview copies (minus the card backs), along with the most recent changes to the rules. You can check it out here.



And finally, I can't remember if I've mentioned this in a previous blog post, but I really should have. I'll be attending Essen to promote Nothing To Declare and build momentum ahead of the Kickstarter campaign. So if you're going be sure to stop by, were I'll be demoing like mad all day every day. I now need to get flyers, posters, t-shirts and all that jazz prepped and ready to go as it's only a few weeks away! You can find us at:

Hall 6 Booth E114