You can't please everyone...

This week I had a pretty successful 6 player play test of Nothing to Declare. The core is definitely there now. It's just about refining and balancing. One of my friends came up with a helpful mantra of what to do on your turn. 

Reveal. Play. Draw. 

6 players

6 players


I really like this. It's simple and memorable. It's also the largest group I've had to play test with so far so it's nice to see how the game works with more players.

To that end I'm excited to announce that I've signed up to have my game play tested at the UK Game Expo in June. More details as and when they arrive. 


In other news I've placed my order for my passion project Dune the Dice Game. All the components are order. Now we wait. 

While I wait I started working on a new prototype. Picture below, details to follow. 


Until next time.