a bit obsessed...

I think it's fair to say I've become obsessed with games. More specifically I get very hung up on the things I can't have or that are hard to get. Case in point the winner of the golden geek award for print and play game, Dune the Dice Game.

People have gone and made their own versions of this, well it is a print and play game so that's kind of a prerequisite. What I mean is some people have had these professionally made;



This just ticks all my boxes, the iconography, the colour palette, the components. Everything just sits together so well. The designer behind this game has done some fantastic work in redesigning, sometimes just graphically, existing games. 

I'm going to have to make this myself. I will catalogue my progress as I get things underway. My first step will be to source some components. 

In the meantime I have been playing a lot of games and play testing my major work in progress Nothing to Declare. 

Whilst I've now got the core of the gameplay working, now comes the refining and finessing. Making sure there is the right balance of cards to keep things interesting. Whilst I'm doing this I have some lovely friends who believe in the game enough to start working on some artwork. 

Recently, I also finished the Banner Saga video game. The game ended somewhat abruptly for my liking but I'm happy to know that the sequel comes out at the end of April and more importantly I backed the board game through Kickstarter which just makes me super excited for it all over again. 

I LOVE GAMES! I did a count and this year, from Kickstarter alone I will receive around 20 games. That is more board games than most people will ever own. EVER.

Games are fun. This weekend we played Space Team, a crazy game from the designer of Exploding Kittens. I also picked up Codenames, which I have yet to play but am very excited about and Arctic Scavengers a game which intimidates somewhat but that's what youtube videos are for. 

Hopefully next week I should have some more prototyping to run through and less ranting. 

Until next time...