We're making a game...

Without being cynical,  one of my favourite things,  over the last few years,  has been the 'toys to life' figures and games that have come out. 

I'm a big fan of the Marvel Universe and have fond memories of Spyro from first time around. Not to mention the plethora of amiibos now available of all my favourite game characters! 

I love the idea of having not just a figure for the mantlepiece,  but something that comes to life in game. 

That being said, I now have a collection of cool looking figures that now sit on the shelf and that got me thinking.

Play with me!


I was never into Warhammer growing up but I liked the idea of it. And I thought 'Hay, I've got all these figures now, I could make a game using them!' 

So here's my first stab at making a miniatures game for all those kids out there who have a whole bunch of figures and are looking for a new way to play. 

Version 1 - I haven't seen that pen since.

The rules are still being finalised, but as soon as they are I'll post an update and create a PDF for people to print off.

This will be a free rule set, all you'll need to play it will be some dice and a board, for which I'll provide printable sheets.

While you wait take a look at some more in progress pictures below.