What's coming this year...

Things are going well here at apauling games. As per usual I am mostly distracted with trying to play too many games and working on designing ten different games at once.

Nevertheless, I want to be clear about what we're trying to achieve. The goal for this year is to launch a game on kickstarter. A somewhat modest proposition you may think, but it's something I want to make sure we do right. That means getting the game(s) to where they need to be.

The game we want to launch this year is Nothing to Declare. It's a quick card game for 2-8 players. It combines the bluffing of Sheriff of Nottingham with the screwing over your friends game play of Munchkin. 

We did a bunch of play testing of over Christmas, which gave a lot of great feedback. Most notably, that I'd created a bluffing game with no real bluffing. Instead, I'd made game where people gang up on the player with the most cards - which is still pretty fun - but not what I was aiming for. 

So there's still a lot of work to be done but it's getting there, on to version 6!